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Bike Race

Bike Race is one of the most accepted games of Bike Racing series as like as csr racing game in car racing game series. It is also most downloaded and played racing game from Google play. Today force your bike with bound and loops in this simple and fast pace physics base game .

Tilt your tool to lean your bike and stroke the display to go faster brake.

   * This is the funniest bike game in the times past of bike games.
   * This game was so a huge deal fun I lost my job and my wife     left me. I sure hope they will repay me for      my life.
   * Conceal this one from the family; you are goanna want to use some excellence time playing this one              yourself.
   *This game can adjust your life.
   * You can play it each day for the rest of your life.

Features of Bike Race Game :

  * Multilayer
  * Simple joystick
  * Earn stars to unlock new level
  * 18 addictive worlds
  * 144 demanding tracks
  * stroke to go faster  tilt to lean the bike
  * Cool aerobatics

Bike Race is bring to you by Top Free Games the creator of the  game in the Google play store Racing Penguin .

Get it while it is free

Multiplayer Mode is accessible. Try to develop into the best biker on Android Phone .

 * To play this game you need Android 2.2 +

 * Size: 27 MB APK

bike racing apk for android

bike racing apk for android

                           DOWNLOAD LINK


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