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This being a drag racing game .Today I have been shear the download link of CSR Racing game for Android phone . There is no steering necessary in this game. At first I thought of this as a negative aspect; I usually prefer full-on race titles such as EA is Real Racing series .
However, that is not the kind of game CSR is trying to be . It is not trying to replicate a console experience here. It just wants to be a fun game . Only having to shift gear and inject NOS  Nitrous Oxide, once unlocked  makes it a very playable mobile game. There is no need to be ultra focused or willing to dedicate hours of your time to reach the good parts. And that is a great feature, considering the fact that the mobile racing genre lacks good playable games .

The crews are cheesy and stereotypical:

The characters however are very cheesy . Most racing games tend to go for the street gangs and their racing cred but CSR takes this to a whole new level . Introducing factions and cliche punchlines after you win or lose a race . Encouragement while advancing through the different areas and rank levels is obviously a good way to track the game progression . I just wish I did not have to cringe every time . I finish a race .

Customize your car:

On the positive side The car selection and customizations in CSR are awesome . As you progress you unlock in game currency to buy new cars and customize them . Most main manufacturers are represented such as BMM , Ford and Pagani with all of their best cars . You can select your colour when purchasing a new car . Then upgrade the exhausts , suspension and so on .
This is a free game but to a large extent the car unlocking and customization is reliant on real world and money purchases . But if you do not mind driving a stock car a while longer . You can grind your way to making more in game currency by racing more .

Strike the gas and change gears at the right time :

To get off to a good start .. You must tap the accelerator to have the car at optimum revs when the green light shows . This is the only point you use the accelerator . It is really hard to get it right and can often be the deciding factor in a close race . The ideal rev range changes for each car so the more you advance the harder this gets .
Gear changes too are different for each car . Although can largely be determined thanks to lights on the UI indicating when to change gear . And finally , NOS gives your car an extra boost when needed and has saved me from quite a few close encounters .

Visuals and Sounds :

As I mentioned above . The graphics in CSR are highly impressive . If we look at just the cars . you can see a high amount of detail . Particularly on the wheels and the gloss paint reflecting the city is lights . And since they are based on real world cars . The game is designers had to model them closely to achieve perfection and that they did .
The environment is stunning too . The camera is somewhat restricted for drag racing but you can still see great truing on the background and attention to detail in the city is buildings . In general menus and info panes are also very well presented . There genuinely is not a single visual alteration I would make to this game.

Awesome attention to detail by the designers :

Unfortunately , things do not hold up so well in the audio department. The first minor annoyance is the music . Most racing games at least buy the rights to some audio tracks . However obscure or less well known . CSR has gone for techno junk that repeats itself over and over again . It gets annoying fast . Sound effects are no gift from heaven either .

Final Thoughts :

If you have an older Android device then you are out of luck . Because CSR Racing simply will not run well on it . The graphics are so good that you need to be using the latest devices for the game to play smoothly . But if you are unsure of your device is performance . you might as well download it to try because it is totally free .

I found myself really enjoying CSR Racing even though I initially assumed that I would not . The developers have paid a lot of attention to detail . Which is unusual for a free game . I had no force closures and found no bugs . Overall CSR is a very entertaining game that is a must have for racing fans . But do not expect to settle back and play it for hours on end . Instead you will enjoy a drag race or two for ten minutes and then go back to the real world . Which is what casual Android gaming is all about .

* To play this game you need Android 2.3.3 +

 * Size: 36 MB APK
csr racing APK

csr racing apk

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