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Drag racing apk

Drag Racing is a very popular game both in pc and smartphone platform. It is a very popular game for android user. The latest version of this game is Drag Racing 1.6.14. It is now available for download.
This game is mainly addictive for it’s user-friendly interface, amazing visualization and euphonious sound design. It has also some exciting modes which made it most popular.

Definition of Drag racing apk:                  

# More than 50 real-life cars models are added including Skyline GT-r, 69 mustang or BMW M3 in Drag racing apk so that, the players can get the factual racing experience.
# Play Drag racing apk both in Beginner/Amateur mode.
# Drive the cars in ¼ or ½ miles tracks.
# Players have to defeat the bosses to unlock more tracks and earn more racing points or money.
# Players can buy new cars or equipments by this racing points and earned money.
# Get a test drive before buying new car and get the suitable car for your racing.
# Players can add nitrous oxide both in high powered or normal powered cars to speed up the cars and to get more fun in the race.
# If you think you are the best racer of Drag racing apk, race online with more than 10 opponent at a time.
# you can race online in pro league.

Tips for updating Drag racing apk:

# You can save your cars and money on your device. But, if you uninstall this game, all of your saved data will be deleted.
# Lunch and shift when your dashboard indicators gets blue or green.
# If you are stopped the orange will be showed in the dashboard.
So, Just download, install and launch Drag Racing APK to get the best racing experience ever.

Minimum Requirement for Drag Racing apk: 

Android version needed 2.3.3+
Size 2.6 MB
drag racing android

drag racing android