Hill Climb Racing APK

Hill Climb Racing APK is one of the most demanded game in the world of android. You may classify this game both in Car racing and climbing categories. This game is created by Fingersoft. To get new challenge you must have to try this.

In Hill climb Racing APK, you have to play for a character named Newton Bill. He is a uphill racer and assained to conquer the toppest part of the earth. He sets up his mind to break the laws of physics.

In this game there is a gas pedal which will help you to pick up your car speed. Threre is also a brake pedal to control your car speed. The RPM meter shows your speed. Another meter is BOOST meter which will show your boodt up energy. In top left corner, length of the track, fuel meter and your points will be showed.
You have to gain bonuses from risky tricks which will help you to collect coins. This coins will be used to upgade and repair your cars. This cars will use gasoline fuel.

You can use 14 different vehicles in Hill Climb Racing including bike, truck, jeep, tank etc. You can upgrade various kinds of parts of the vehicles. This parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4wd. To qualify next lavel you have to complete 14 stages per lavel such as Countryside, Desert, Arctic and the moon.

In hill climb Racing APK you can take a screen shot of your score and also share it to your friends. This game has a cool graphics visualization. The use of physics laws has made this game incredible. This game is compitable with both high and low configured android smartphones. After completing an upgrade of engine the sound will be as like as real tubo sound.

Hill Climb Racing APK v1.14.2

Hill Climb Racing APK v1.14.2

There was a problem for HTC branded smartphones in the previous version of this game. In the latest version this problem has fixed.

Size: 17MB


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