Riptide Gp 2 Apk

Riptide Gp 2 Apk is one the most popular racing game for android. It is the best water based racing game. Price of this game is $2.99 at play store. 5 million users downloaded it from google play store.

Riptide GP 2 apk has cutting-edge graphics. Sharp and colorful visualization has made this game incredible. They are sharp, colorful, and that they even enclosed that cool water-on-the-camera graphic they utilized in the primary game. Therefore if you get your hands on one in every of those.  This is often another NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 optimized game to envision out. Whereasthe graphics ar improved, it still appearance plenty just like the 1st game.

The sound was passable. That isn’t to mention it had been too bad. It simply did what it had been imagined to do. Most of the sound effects were well dead and there was nothing very bad regarding them. Theresimply wasn’t something exceptional regarding them either. The music was well done. It did an honest job of setting the mood while not stealing the show.

Other Features

Online multi-player option helps you to race with another players around the world. In exciting VR challange mode you can race with your friend. There is an option to share your score online. 

In this apk game you can play through race, Hot Lap, Elimination and Freestyle events to earn XP and cash. You can use XP and cash to upgrade your vehicles and unlock new stunts.

Requires to Install

Android 2.3 and up

Riptide Gp 2 Apk

Riptide Gp 2 Apk


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